Fearless Bread

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Love the taste and aroma of yeast bread baking in your home? Here at fearless bread, we strive to remove the mystery and fear from making your very own bread from scratch!

Sadly, much of the bread purchased at many large retail establishments sacrifice quality in favor of mass production. While convenience is a part of modern society, it does not come without a cost:
  • unhealthy preservatives and chemical additives
  • possible unsanitary conditions of employees
  • lack of variety for many ethnic and holiday breads
  • rising costs of manufacturers passed on to the consumer
  • the rising numbers in society allergic to wheat products

Are you allergic to some common items used for everyday baking? We have a section for Gluten Free baking, along with tips for baking without common allergens. Click on the "Recipe" tab above for Gluten Free Yeast Bread to access this section.

Click on the "Class Info" link to find out when and where we teach the time honored craft of olde world artisan bread making with the following philosophies and guidelines:
  • bread is meant to be eaten, not preserved
  • use wholesome ingredients from the earth, not the lab
  • don't simply eat bread, take time to enjoy GOOD bread

Click on the links below for tips on the following topics:
yeast flour salt

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